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Grails Envers Plugin Update

Quite awhile ago I wrote a plugin for Hibernate Envers. You can find the original blog post here:

After that I got insanely busy with my startup. The Grails releases started to pile up and you can see the comments of the original blog post asking about when new releases of Grails would be supported. The great thing about open source (and especially github) is that others could take what I did and build on it easily. After my startup sold a few months back, I peeked my head back up to see what had happened with the plugin. Tomasz Kalkosinski summarized what had happened with forks by lots of people:

From following the chain it looks like the following group all provided individual contribution to the plugin:

  • Jay Hogan
  • Tomasz KalkosiƄski
  • Damir Murat
  • Matija Folnovic
  • Alexander Abdugafarov
If I have missed anyone, I sincerely apologize. That’s at least who I could find in various commit logs.

I took the various commits from everyone and turned it into three versions of the plugin that you can find in the Grails central plugin repository:
  • 1.0.0
  • 2.0.0
  • 2.1.0

- 1.0.0 -> This is my original version of the plugin that works for 1.3.6. I made a separate release because I know others that are still suck on an older version of grails. So, having a version they can download without having to pull down the old zip is helpful.
- 2.0.0 -> This is the version mostly with work from Jay Hogan. It provides support for Grails 2.0.x and cleans up a few things.
-2.1.0 -> The latest release I could find. It appears to support Grails 2.1.x, although I had no issues with it working on 2.2.1. It may be what was pushed to the grails repo as 0.4.4.

You can see all the versions in the Grails maven repo:

 Please feel free to submit any pull requests to: