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Open Symphony, RIP (2000 - 2011)

It looks like the folks over at open symphony have declared the project dead. The main projects that originated there and are still in use have their own separate sites now, but the rest hadn’t been updated in awhile. I remember using OSCache awhile ago, but it seemed to have been completely replaced by EHCache.

The question in my mind is, do organization like OpenSymphony need to exist anymore? (perhaps the same could be said for something like CodeHaus as well) Given sites like github and bitbucket, and the ease of getting a project website up and running via various mechanisms, perhaps they aren’t needed anymore? The one exception to that of course is community built around a particular project. Like plugins for Grails, or some of the Spring sub projects. They’re tied to a particular solution and can benefit from some of the success of the solution as well. Although, in the case of Grails plugins, they’re all hosted on GitHub, as is the code for grails itself.