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New Job

This post should have been made a month ago, so I apologize for the delay. However, last month I left ThoughtWorks to pursue an opportunity a start-up called Fundspire. I have accepted the position of CTO there and will be leading the technical direction of the software. It’s a small company, so that’s really a fancy way of saying that I’ll be the one coding. I plan to continue blogging and contributing to open source, with the same blessing from Fundspire as I received from ThoughtWorks. The Fundspire solution has been implemented in Grails on Amazon EC2, so there should be more posts in the future around those technologies.


Lucas Ward
Thanks for the heads up Roshan. I'm still getting a handle on the new codebase. The messaging issues you mentioned are fixed and will be in our next release.
Roshan Shrestha
Registration page ( gives these erros:

# Property [email] of class [class] cannot be blank
# Property [company] of class [class] cannot be blank